Cleanroom Lawsuit


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October 1, 2013:
Settlements in cleanroom lawsuits involving etching and cleaning materials that caused birth defects.


Chemical Exposure:

Even though cleanrooms are extremely well ventilated, some of the volatile chemicals found there may need very little exposure to cause genetic damage and cancer.

Birth Defects & Injuries from Semiconductor Manufacturing & Acetates

Chemical fumes may cause problems in adults and unborn children

Has your child experienced birth defects as a result of your employment in a cleanroom or semiconductor manufacturing facility. Cleanroom lawsuits over the past few years have shown that dangerous amounts of glycol ethers, acetates, chemical fumes, and teratogenic chemicals may cause damage in sperm cells or egg cells that may have genetic damage when fertilized, resulting in birth defects. Birth defects have led to a number of cleanroom lawsuit cases and litigation designed to pay for the lifetime expense caused by chemical exposure. For example, a child born with birth defects may have blindness, cognitive impariment, skeletal abnormalities, and missing limbs related to semiconductor chemical exposure.


Notes and Special Information

Special note: Nor all birth defects are caused by cleanroom chemicals, so be sure that genetic factors and other non-cleanroom exposure is taken into account. This site is not intended as a substitute for legal advice.